Learning by cooking

With the Jammer method, you learn to add amazing variety and diversity to your usual dishes. This post’s theme is creamy soups with local seasonal ingredients.

Creamy soups are easy and simple. It’s also a powerful dish: If you know the basics of a good creamy soup, you can make 1000 different great recipes.

When making creamy soup, all you really need to know is this shortcut recipe: “Fry onions and spices on a pan. Add veggies. Blend the soup. Taste and balance with your salt, sugar, sour, and umami ingredients.”. If you want more guidance, see an example recipe here:

If you want more guidance, see an example recipe here, and adapt it for you:

Once you're comfortable with the short-cut recipe use this ‘Taste wheel’ to help you make a 100 different kinds of soups without following a recipe:

‘The Tastewheel’ helps you make your soup tasteful without finding a recipe. It is simple to use the Jam wheel to make a soup: Just pick 1-3 ingredients per grouping (base, spices, etc), and you’ll get a well-rounded tasteful dish. E.g.,: Parsnips, potato, rosemary, thyme, artichoke hearts, onion, lemon, topped with sesame seeds and spring onion.

Read more about the Tastewheel here.

How to make your soup even easier and more tasty

Cooking soup shouldn’t be stressful - but how to make it even more enjoyable? Here’s a few key moments when cooking soup::

  1. The moment the onions and spices start frying on the pan you’ll get that wonderful smell. Super charge that smell by adding enough spices and a splash of alcohol (wine, vodka, anything), which activates more of the aromatic compounds of the spices.
  2. The most important part of cooking is the very end, when you’re adding salt, sugar, sour, and umami to taste… make sure to really pay attention to the tastes. You’ll likely benefit by adding a little more of each ingredients than you’re used to. If it gets too salty or umami, add sour. If it gets too sour, add sweet.
  3. The tasting and balancing should continue on the dining table. Ask every part of the family to taste the food, and let them add more salt, sugar, umami, or sour —- and have a conversation about it - it’s fun and educational!
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