Learning by cooking

Dear subscribers,

I have just updated our newsletter to focus on "Learning by cooking".

We have the same purpose as we always had: To make it fun and relaxing to learn to cook sustainably on busy weekdays.

... so what changes?

Going forward, the newsletter "Learning by cooking" will be a mix of 3 kinds of posts:

Every week I share a weekly "Recipe deepdive". It's a dish you can add to your repertoire, and I teach you the tricks necessary to learn to cook it without following a recipe next time. I'll be cooking it with you during the same week.

At the middle of every month I share a "Mini Masterclass", where I take a step back and cover a more general cooking area, such as plant-based eating, anti-inflammatory eating, or tricks to make it easy to shop for a whole week without making a mealplan. Each 'mini masterclass' guides to individual recipe deepdives.

At the end of every month I share a "Data" post that describes what we as a company has learnt the past month about seasonal cooking behaviour across the world, based on our unique access to 180.000 active home chefs globally via our apps. This describes the biggest new trends, and guides which new dishes, health goals, and cuisines to focus on next.

The big why

My aspiration with 'Learning by cooking' is to transform people's perspective on cooking from a chore to an opportunity to learn. Every time we cook, it's an opportunity to learn, which in turn is an opportunity to grow as a person.

Please share this with anyone you believe could benefit from joining the community.

Michael, CEO and Founder of Plant Jammer
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