Learning by cooking

This "Learning by cooking" newsletter is a cooking course by Plant Jammer.

The overarching purpose of this cooking course is the same purpose we have at Plant Jammer: To make it easy for 1 Bn people to cook sustainably on busy weekdays.

"Learning by cooking" is based on the belief that you don't learn to cook by reading cooking books or following recipes... Rather, you learn it by cooking with a learning mindset a few days per week. The weekly and monthly posts in this newsletter will guide you to do so, while following my own personal learning journey. The approach goes hand-in-hand with our app.

What's in it for you? You will learn thousands of new dishes... not by reading books, but by cooking them with your family. I advise you to include anyone in your household. Adults, teenagers, even kids should enjoy 'learning by cooking'.

The 'learning by cooking' method

So, how does it work? "Leaning by cooking" course is a mix of 3 kinds of posts:

Every Saturday, I share a weekly "Recipe deepdive". It's a dish I decided to study, master, and add to my personal repertoire - and if you read the post you get to do the same. Along with me, you'll learn the tricks necessary to cook it perfectly without following a recipe next time. Also, I will share my research on how to make 100 variations of the weekly dish, with something I call the “Tastewheel”:

‘The Tastewheel’ helps you make your weekly recipe tasteful without following an actual recipe

At the middle of every month I share a "Mini Masterclass", where I take a step back and cover a more general cooking area, such as plant-based eating, anti-inflammatory eating, or tricks to make it easy to shop for a whole week without making a meal plan. Each 'mini masterclass' directs to individual recipe deepdives to get you to 'learn by cooking'.

At the end of every month I share a "Data" post that describes what Plant Jammer as a company has learnt the past month about seasonal cooking behaviour across the world, based on our unique access to 180.000 active home chefs globally via our apps. This describes the biggest new trends, and gives you pointers to which new dishes, health goals, and cuisines to focus on next.

Is this just a recipe app, disguised as a newsletter?

Nope. I won't describe my lifestory. I won't just focus on beautiful pictures and videos. I won't give you a million recipes that you have to bookmark.

90% of people cook less than 10 recipes per year... and that's not a problem! The 'learning by cooking' method helps you make magic out of your top 10 recipes, rather than teaching you a million new. The method adds a learning aspect to your weekly routine cooking, helping you increase variety without putting in a big effort.

The big why

When you and your family does 'learning by cooking', you’ll get superpowers in your daily life. Never again will it be stressful to cook on a weekday.

My aspiration with 'Learning by cooking' is to transform your perspective on cooking - from a chore to an opportunity to learn. Every time you cook, you have an opportunity to learn, which in turn is an opportunity to grow as a person. I am excited we get the chance to grow together.

Michael, CEO and Founder of Plant Jammer
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