Learning by cooking

At Plant Jammer we've facilitated more than 25mn plant-based recipes to be cooked during the past 6 years. So, what's the most popular plant-based dish?

One thing we learnt is that it changes from month to month, and tfrom region to region. So, once per month I'll share a "Data post" to cover this topic at depth.

These data can give you inspiration for what recipe to learn next, and if you are working for a food company you can use them to stay 3 steps ahead of your colleagues in strategy and marketing.

So, what was most popular plant-based dishes in April?

As you see below, it depends hugely on whom you ask:

Scores are a composite index of choose rates, click-through rates, cook rates, and ratings

Our overarching conclusion is that 3 dishes are the winners for April:

  • Fried rice (or 'nasi goreng' as they call it in Indonesia)
  • Omelette (or the plant-based version, called Okonomiyaki in Japan)
  • Vegan bolognese (based on a healthy dose of red wine in the sauce)

These dishes are all hugely popular, because they are easy and quick to make, and almost never fail.

This is also consistent with the preferences we get from our users to focus on plant-based AND convenient dishes:

"Plant-based" seems to be particularly relevant outside of the UK and Denmark... while 'quick and easy' seems to ALWAYS be important:

So, next weeks we'll cover these 3 recipes in great detail.

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